Creating value for customers

Development, dialogue and advice

As branded market leader in Denmark, we drive the category and are focused on developing products that are in line with market trends and consumer demands. Our competences and know how as high quality manufacturers are also used for developing and producing high quality private label savoury snacks for high profile retailers out-side our Nordic home base.

Our goal is to create value for our customers and since the late 1980s, exporting our high quality products has been an important part of who we are. We always cooperate closely with our customers, may they be based at home or abroad, focusing on category development, quality, teamwork and individual requests. We have built long and healthy relationships providing value-creating products.

Quality in all aspects is an important driver: Quality in our co-operation with customers, providing unique taste experiences in every bag of crisps and snacks. Quality in the delivery of products, and quality control in production and environmental awareness:

We have worked with the HACCP system since 1990. The factories hold the BRC Certificates at Grade AA, renewed in November 2016, as well as the IFS Certificate – Higher Level at the crisps and snacks factories.

The peanuts and nuts factory is separated from the crisps and snacks factory, and we actively work with allergen control at both premises.

Our crisps, snacks and nut products are fried in sunflower oil.

We work with ethical welfare and are Sedex certified.

The average delivery rate for exports was 98,6% in 2016.

The rate of customer complaints per 100.000 bags was 1,2 in 2016.

We are constantly focusing on reducing the environmental impacts. From 2006-2014, we have reduced the use of electricity by 18%, water by 23% and gas by 21%. CO2 emission per ton product has been reduced by 41% from 2010-2016. In 2016 we started delivering excess heat from the crisps production to local households, the heat covers the consumption of 400 – 500 homes.